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Glass wall installation + Integrative dance performance

Visualizing a glass walled conference room as a box, visual artist Tomo Mori created a world of internal truth by painting thousands of dots directly onto the glass walls. Each dot symbolizes the elements within our feelings. A myriad of hues and tones reflect the full spectrum, and creates organic shapes and line connecting to one another.


On Monday, September 16th, 2013, Kyla Ernst-Alper from Under One Dances performed inside of this painted glass box expressing her memories of emotions.



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Kyla Ernst-Alper began her dance career at the age of 16 dancing for Eliot Feld and since then has added martial arts, aerial, contortion, and pole to her arsenal of physical skills. She has performed in England, France, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Mexico, and South Korea. She performs with several different companies and also creates and performs her own work.


She is currently producing a dance/video/internet project called Under One: A Collection of Dances highlighting professional dancers in a series of 1-minute or less dance videos. Kyla's creative work - whether it's a live performance, a video, a digital experience, or an event - is driven by the human experience expressed through movement, and informed by her experience in the disparate worlds of dance, television/film production, new media & social media, and NYC nightlife.

Share your photos!

If you attended our event on September 16 and took some photos with dots (the glass wall installation)

and/or Kyla Ernst-Alper's performance, please email them to

or Tweet @tomotionstudio  or  @kygwen

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