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COLOR PLAY @ La Maison d'Art

November 12th, 2014 to January 29th, 2015

Events during this exhibition

What is COLOR PLAY? 


At La Maison d’Art it means 2 minds, 2 spirits, 2 perspectives... one show. 


Tomo Mori and Capucine Bourcart have come together to explore just that.  Employing a painstaking, but meticulous process  rooted in the ancient tradition of collage, Tomo has created pieces that literally explode with color, while exploring the fabric of life.


On the flip-side, Capucine has taken her eye and camera to the streets of Harlem/NYC; collecting images reflecting everyday city life. Finding beauty in the finite details, Capucine then sliced these images into the “mulch” to be used for her collages.  

A study in opposites that highlights their similarities, we are honored that you have come to bare witness to their cacophonous conversation.

La Maison d' Art

259 West 132nd Street, New York NY 10027 (MAP)


Regular Hours:  M-F 12-6pm, Weekends 12-5pm

To avoid private events, please call 718-593-4108 before your visit.

Opening  Reception
November 12th, 2014


Artist Talk & Discussion
Friday, December 12.

6:00 - 8:30pm



Collage Workshop
Sat, January 17.

2:00 - 4:30pm


Capucine Boucart & Tomo Mori


Pre-registration highly recommended.

( + Learn more and Register )



Artist Statement & Bio

Capucine Bourcart



My work takes as its inspiration the fragmentary details and varied textures of everyday objects.  By the use of a mix of techniques such as manual and digital collage, photomontage, and painting, I attempt to bring out their idiosyncratic and off-beat beauty to counter the blandness of perfection.


Brought into final form with the medium of photography, it is always my goal to create an acceptable tension between the straightforward, though formally disassembled representation of the subject, and the abstract composition of the whole.  


By focusing on intimate detail and the specific character of a chosen subject matter I hope that my work acts as a kind of magnifying glass that compels the viewer to not only “look” but to “observe.”




Originally from Alsace, France, Capucine Bourcart has called Harlem, New York her home for the past eight years. Primarily self-taught in photography, she has refined her skills through classes at the International Center of Photography in New York, where she was also a Teacher's Assistance.


She is fascinated by the details, inspired by her personal interactions, and structures her creative process with visual fragments that she collects in her daily life, travels, and personal relationships. She uses these fragments to create her photographic compositions.




Tomo Mori



Fluidity  -  In recent years, I find myself returning to images that are melting, dripping, streaming and flowing. In my work, “fluidity” represents memories being alive with subtle movements and electrons as in all living organisms of the universe.


I believe what we remember about our feelings from past are formed by an aggregate of elements. But with time and other information, those elements can manipulate, regenerate or fade.


To present this concept as a static visual art form I create slight sense of movement and a source of energy with thousands of small bits of colors. I like using literary ‘all colors’ to connect the world to my introspective visions. With a great, child-like excitement I attempt to unleash all possibilities of colors. I find some similarity in experimental music and dance for their creative process.




Tomo Mori / 毛利友 was born in the country side of Osaka, Japan. She studied fundamental painting and drawing at Tokyo Metropolitan High School for Art, and graduated from Atlanta College of Art with a BFA. After experiencing life in the Caribbean, Latin America, and West Africa, she currently resides in New York City focusing on her collage work and mixed media installations.


Tomo's work has been exhibited in New York City, Atlanta, Liestal (Switzerland) and Tokyo. In 2011 and 2014, she was selected as a semi-finalist for MTA Art & Design. She was also selected as the New York metro area regional finalist for Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series contest with Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation.

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